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Florida's #1 Premier Tribute to Stevie Nicks 

  Band Bio

NightBird-The Ultimate Tribute to Stevie Nicks, featuring, Angela Chang, is based out of Southwest Florida.  

NightBird, is known for their authenticity as Angela delivers Stevie Nicks' music from the depths of her soul, captivating the audience, backed by an astounding group of talented musicians that create a moving experience for everyone.  The band has been featured in the News-Press & Happenings Magazine as a must see!

If you're looking for a show packed with high energy, smooth harmonies and heavy percussion sound.... NIGHTBIRD will deliver!

The Band


Angela Chang

Introducing Angela Chang!- Lead Vocals

Angela Chang, originally from Northwest Indiana has been singing professionally since the age of 18. She has performed in various cover bands and has worked on the wedding and country club circuit for many years. She relocated to Southwest Florida in 2011 and went on to front local cover bands; We Ain’t Right and Adrenaline Junkies. She has continued to create a following after forming her own cover band Hester Prynn in 2015. Her soulfulness reminds her fans of the voices of such artists as, Janis Joplin, Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks. Currently, she has formed the band, NightBird-A Tribute to Stevie Nicks, in which she takes on the lead vocals of Stevie Nick’s early years with Fleetwood Mac and then into her solo career as an artist.

Mark Chang

Introducing Mark Chang! -Lead Guitar/Vocals

Mark Chang, originally from the Chicagoland area, is a local and absolute favorite of Southwest Florida, and has been in the area since the 1990’s. On lead guitar and vocals, Mark is an entertainer with a long-time following. He is member of the local band Remedy and was a founding member of the national group, PUSH. In his experience, he has shared the stage with many national acts, such as Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Tonic, etc. When Mark picks up a guitar, it takes on a life of its own. Mark has degrees in music theory and audio engineering.

Karen Quint Kalvin

Introducing Karen Quint Kalvin! -Keyboard/Vocals

Kalvin is a huge key to any band's versatility. Karen moves from piano, to electric guitar, to keyboard, to 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars, all while providing harmonies and lead vocals. NightBird- A Tribute to Stevie Nicks, will continue to be a part of her quintessential being and she is dedicated to keeping this genre of music as an inspiration to others. She is also a member of the SWFL Rock Band, Backlash, and has performed with other local groups such as The Mixx, Headcount, 8-Up and New Direction. Music is her passion and has been her entire life.....She has not been more than a few feet away from a guitar or piano since she was a young child!

Dan Bolen

Introducing Dan Bolen, Our newest member! - Drums/Vocals

Dan's musical career started at an early age.  He played in concert band in both junior and high school.  During that time he also played in a steel drum band and marching band.  Dan even played guitar in the jazz band and taught guitar lessons for credit in high school.  Outside of high school, Dan went on to play in numerous cover bands in upstate New York.  He has written, produced and played in death metal bands such as, Terrestrial Sphere, and D.R.C., to name a few.  He as also written for The Mica Schist and James Garden.  In 2008, Dan formed a "Tool" tribute band called Third Eye.  In 2011, he moved to Florida and has played in many cover bands in the Southwest Florida area such as, O.TC., Remedy, Hester Prynn and formed another tribute to "Tool" called Spiral Out.  Dan has worked in multiple studio productions and drum sessions and enjoys producing his own music.  He is now the newest member of the NightBird lineup and not only brings the heavy percussion sound to the group, but also brings  powerful backing and lead vocals! 

Troy Royer

Introducing Troy Royer! - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Troy is a true veteran of the biz and has been rockin' Southwest Florida, professionally, since high school. His polished stage presence and excellent vocals add depth and color to the band's trademark sound and versatility. Currently playing with Backlash, Troy is now a welcome addition to NightBird's powerful lineup. Troy is a lifelong musician who also plays guitar and writes songs, and his spot on mastery of the bass guitar drives the band into enjoyable, pulsing grooves all night long!

Moe Pereira

Introducing Moe Pereira! -Percussion
Moe started playing percussion and drums at the age of 13 in New York City. Since moving to Florida, he has gone on to share his talent in places such as Lincoln Center, various corporate venues, hotels and country clubs throughout all of Florida for over 25 years! 


Liz Heath

Introducing Liz Heath! -Background Vocals

Liz Heath, originally from Middletown, Delaware, has been immersed in a diverse and professional musical culture since birth. She sang the National Anthem at the Blue Rocks Stadium in Wilmington, Delaware at the age of 9. She joined the SWFL area in 2014 and sang the National Anthem at her alma mater Lemon Bay High School for baseball, soccer, basketball, and graduation in 2017. Liz recently graduated from Florida SouthWestern State College where she was heavily involved in the music program. She performed in FSW’s Jazz Band Ensemble under the director Dr. Tom Smith at the Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall, as well as fronting FSW’s first ever Rock Band Ensemble, The Black Pearl Band, and starting up FSW’s first ever Studio Band Ensemble, Bucc50, made possible by the rockin’ Professor Mike Molloy. Liz’s school ensemble Bucc50 had the opportunity to work with Professor Molloy in a studio project for one of his higher education courses at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. In addition, Liz sang the National Anthem at FSW’s basketball games in the beautiful Suncoast Credit Union Arena and at various TASC club and Veterans/Memorial day events. Liz is now attending Florida Gulf Coast University to obtain her bachelors degree in Hospitality and Event Management with a minor in Music. Liz has performed with Saxy Duo (Making it Saxy Trio) at private country clubs and local SWFL restaurants. Liz is currently the lead vocalist for a new SWFL band with the freshest of vibes, FlowState. She is also the newest member of NightBird - The Stevie Nicks Tribute Band, providing feel good background vocals to all your favorite Stevie tunes!